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IL. Group Home Forced to Call Police Over 100 Times. Sheriff’s Deputy Forced to Used Stun Gun On 3 Children

Illinois.  An Illinois children’s group home who could not control its residents called police over 100 times in one year — every 3 days.   Because the home did not have adequate safety procedures in place, the home was using the … Continue reading

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PA. Pennsylvania Still Cannot Control Violence in It’s Schools

Good thing police can still use prone restraint even though teachers cannot because the violence occuring in PA schools is not going away anytime soon.  It seems a bit absurd that teachers — the first and front line of defense … Continue reading

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MD. Maryland taxpayers taken for a ride on juvenile justice

After bringing in a new administration to “fix” juvenile justice in Maryland, the new administration with a proven track record of not being able to fix juvenile justice in other states is now creating a “task force” to look at the … Continue reading

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NY: Brawl at Brentwood school

A massive brawl took place outside a Brentwood school began just after summer classes let out, leaving four students seriously hurt.  The police were called to stop the violence. The three teens were arrested in the fight – an 18-year-old and two 15-year-olds, … Continue reading

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NY: 2 OCFS Staff Members dead by juvenile assaults,

We told OCFS that this would happen.  Now the State legislature is getting involved.  Let’s see if they do any better. Situation: OCFS recently changed its use of force policy where youths in custody are allowed to destroy property without … Continue reading

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MD: Reports sharp spike in assaults at Baltimore City’s ‘Baby Booking’ center

A boy playing cards in an open recreation area at Baltimore City’s Juvenile Justice Center was struck from behind by two boys. The boy was kicked and stomped on the head, leaving him with a fractured skull, a broken jaw and several … Continue reading

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MD: Maryland Cannot Control its Juvenile Justice Centers – It’s the administration, not the staff

Maryland’s juvenile justice monitor on Monday outlined widespread problems at the state’s secure treatment center for troubled youths and said staff at the center’s oversight department “hampered” an investigation into a violent escape of 14 youths in May. The Maryland … Continue reading

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MD: Suspect in 5 year old girl’s shooting was “monitored” by juvenile justice

What does NY and MD Juvenile Justice have in common? Assault and injury rates to staff and youth at unprecedented highs after changing their restraint policies.  Riots where the youths, not the staff, control the facilities Escapees Releasing Juveniles into … Continue reading

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