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GA. Second Riot at Juvenile Justice Center in Eastman Georgia

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says an officer with the Youth Development Facility in Eastman was hurt Sunday night after he was assaulted with a broomstick during a riot there. Captain Tony Winborn, Public Information Officer for the Dodge County … Continue reading

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NE. Social Media Rumors of School Violence Riles School

One student wrote on her Facebook page, “Is this shooting at school tomorrow for real? why is everybody freaking out!?” Bellevue Public Schools spokeswoman Cathy Williams said the rumor stemmed from a fight Tuesday between students at the high school. … Continue reading

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CA. Two teenagers arrested followign shooting near Pomona Elementary School

Two 13-year-old boys were arrested for allegedly shooting another teen outside an elementary school Thursday.The boys, whose names were not released because of their age, were identified and arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon about six hours … Continue reading

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NM. Family says daughter was jumped at school

A family, brand new to Rio Rancho, is furious after they said their daughter was jumped on Cleveland High School property and the shocking video was posted on the Internet. Chantele Alicea, 14, said it was crazy enough being jumped … Continue reading

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Canada. Dad sues group home after girl allegedly gang raped

This story leaves one to wonder how many other stories are out there not reported. MONTREAL – A child-protection agency near Montreal faces a $408,000 lawsuit amid allegations that a 10-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by five boys aged 10-12 … Continue reading

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NM. Student seriously injured while dozens watch

A video on a popular website preserved the callous behavior of many  High School students who cheered wildly as a female classmate was beaten a few feet in front of them. Someone posted a video Friday on YouTube of two … Continue reading

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Canada. Fight fractures student’s orbital bones and cheek

The recent brawl at Cathedral High School, in which a 14-year-old boy had his cheek and orbital bones fractured while his classmates cheered on the fight and recorded it on their cellphone cameras, is a painful image of what is … Continue reading

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KY. Student hospitalized after fight at school

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident between two students at Rock Hill High School that resulted in one being taken to the hospital. The incident, a fight between two 17-year-old boys, occurred around 7:30 a.m. on Monday … Continue reading

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National. ‘Teachers are fed up’ with online abuse

Students argue and threaten one another on the site. Students insult or lie about teachers and principals. Teachers insult students. Teachers insult other teachers. “Social media is a turbulent area in school law right now,” Tomberlin said. “But we can’t … Continue reading

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IA. Hillcrest Employee Recovering From Attack and Attempted Murder

A Dubuque social worker is in fair condition tonight after a teen at Hillcrest Family Services attacked him. Police say that teen tried to kill the worker. 17-year-old Jesse Shimon faces attempted murder charges. Investigators say he ran away from … Continue reading

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