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When you can sue outside of workers compensation

employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Although this is the general rule, there are many exceptions — situations in which you may be able to sue for damages caused by your injuries. For example: If you were injured by a defective product, … Continue reading

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MI. A teacher was assaulted by a student resulting in separation and tear of shoulder asks: what are my legal options?

Answer from free law advice: Though your question doesn’t state it outright, I’m going to assume that you were injured on the job, on school property. If that’s the case, then first, you can receive Workers Compensation since you were … Continue reading

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MI. Michigan courts give teachers right to sue if school system fails to discipline studetns who are safety risks

The Michigan Supreme Court overturned a 2001 decision and loosened the standard for people who want to file some civil lawsuits. The decision gives teachers the standing to take legal action, which had been denied to them in Michigan. In … Continue reading

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OR. Oregon’s Safe School Act – didn’t make schools safe

According to the Oregon Department of Education, the Act “requires State Education Agencies to establish a school choice policy for students attending a persistently dangerous school as defined by the state.” The Act also requires that students “who becomes a … Continue reading


OR. Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has 4th worst graduation rate in the country

Oregon high schools’ on-time graduation rate remains mired at 68 percent for the class of 2012, the same as the year before, when Oregon ranked fourth worst in the nation. Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton said he was disappointed by … Continue reading

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Train wreck Obamacare begins to unravel

A little off topic, but a good example about the unintended, unanticipated consequences of government picking winners and losers which is what is happening in the restraint industry when unelected government agency bureaucrats implement unlawful policies and try to convince … Continue reading

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Teachers assaulted and bullied by students

A 2011 study, “Understanding and Preventing Violence Directed Against Teachers,”reported 80% of about 3,000 K-12 teachers surveyed felt victimized by students, students’ parents or colleagues in the past year. Only 14 studies have been conducted internationally about violence directed at … Continue reading

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Australia. Teachers live in fear of assault

A STUDENT who threatened teachers at a remote Territory school with a tomahawk had to be restrained by six staff and injected with sedatives three times before he calmed down, the NT Education Union has said. NTEU president Matthew Cranitch … Continue reading

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Oregon. Teacher assaulted by student at Carowinds

A high school teacher intends to press charges against a student this week after she told the York County Sheriff’s Office that the student punched her in the face and threw a cup of urine out of a bus window … Continue reading

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OR. Number of special education students is rising while graduation numbers diminish in Oregon

The number of students in special education across Oregon continues to increas Since 2008-09, the number has risen by 2,727 kids — a 3.3 percent growth rate, which is faster than Oregon’s population growth of 2.6 percent in that period. … Continue reading

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