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CA. Series of fights and beatings at Opelousas High results in 13 arrests

Police will now be posted on a daily basis at Opelousas High School after a series of fights and beatings occurred at the school Monday morning. A total of 18 students were taken into custody after the melee, which resulted … Continue reading

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NC. Rowan-Salisbury board wants resource officers for middle school to quell rising discipline problems

The school board hopes to bring resource officers back to all Rowan County middle schools. And one school system official said Monday they’re needed. Discipline problems are on the rise, with a quarter of the incidents the system reports to … Continue reading

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LA. 18 arrested following fight at Opelousas High School

Opelousas police says 18 people are in custody following a fight at Opelousas High School. The fights started on the school campus around 7:15 a.m. Monday. McClendon said the department had been investigating gang activity in Opelousas, and they believe … Continue reading

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CA. Ferndale school district in Oakland California responds to a series of school fights

Last Thursday afternoon, there were two separate fights at the Digital Learning Center, an alternative high school that is part of the Ferndale Public Schools. The fights were intense, and one program administrator was injured, requiring medical care, in the … Continue reading

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Canada. Student stabbed at school during a fight

A 15-year-old Kipling Collegiate Institute student was rushed to hospital in serious but non-life-threatening condition Monday afternoon after being stabbed multiple times outside his school. Const. Sarah Diamond said the male victim was stabbed three times during an altercation with … Continue reading

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VA. Teacher assaulted while trying to break up a fight

Four Varina High School students were arrested after a teacher was assaulted during a school fight. The teacher was attempting to break up the fight when he was punched (assaulted) by one of the students. Javalais Wright, 18, was charged … Continue reading

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OH. Two female students charged with violence at two different Ohio schools

Female students age 15 and 13 were arrested Friday at two city schools — one for possessing a stun gun, one for assaulting a student and a teacher. Police were called to East High School, 474 Bennington Ave., at 10 … Continue reading

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TN. Shelby county board member addresses and admits there are school safety concerns

One Shelby County board member is speaking out after the repeated violence and weapon confiscation in Shelby County schools. Shelby County School Board Member Kevin Woods admits “We do understand there are elements in our community that will find it’s … Continue reading

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OK. Chickasha vice principal injured trying to break up bathroom brawl

A couple of Chickasha High School students are in hot water, after an administrator was struck in the face trying to break up their bathroom brawl yesterday. The fight broke out before the school day could even begin. The vice … Continue reading

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CA. Boy arrested after assaulting and breaking a student’s nose

A 14-year-old Altadena boy was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon Thursday after breaking another boy’s nose during a fight at Pasadena High School, police said. The alleged victim, a 13-year-old Pasadena boy, suffered a broken nose … Continue reading

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