Oregon. Middle School Fight Sends Student to Hospital

A 13-year-old student at Jefferson Middle School south of Salem suffered a concussion when she was attacked by two other girls who she said were bullying her.

Alex Chance said she feels lucky her injuries weren’t more serious after the fight with her two classmates. “One of them was on top of me, then I pushed her off, the the other one came,” Chance said. “It seemed like it went on forever.”

Chance said she had been arguing with some girls at school. At the end of the lunch period, she says, the girls started to scuffle. Another student caught part of the fight on their cell phone video camera. “When one of them pushed me down on the ground and hit my head on the ground, and considering I didn’t know what happened, I really didn’t have the chance to fight back,” Chance said.

After the fight, district administrators said they immediately called the parents of the kids involved. A couple of hours later, Chance’s mother, Andi Goff, took her to the hospital. “She was complaining of a severe headache and she was acting kind of confused or dazed. She wasn’t acting herself. So, I thought just on the precautionary side, I should take her in and be checked,” she said. The doctors told Chance she had a concussion.

Though Superintendent Kent Klewitz could not talk about this specific case, he said bullying is a very sensitive issue and he wants everyone in his schools to feel safe.

“The minute that word, in a sense, comes out, it requires us to make sure we follow certain specific steps, and we do.” Klewitz said. “We get as much information about that as we can and we deal with it as appropriate as possible.”

Goff said the girls were suspended and one is not enrolled at the school right now.


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  1. tempie says:

    you should be aware that Andi Goff and her daughter are by no means innocent people. Andi was my best friend, she slept with my man, then when I found out about it, she brought alex to my home and encouraged her and another girl to fight me while Andi stayed safely locked in her car!!! I am sure there is more to the story here too. NOT GOOD PEOPLE!!

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