Guam. After school fights getting more daring at Kmart entrance

Guam – PNC has obtained yet another high school fight video, but what started out as underground fights is now spilling out into very public venues. Previous fight videos occurred on the rooftop of Kmart but this most recent video happens right in front of the building near the area where buses pick up and drop off customers.

The video starts out with one kid walking in the parking lot of Kmart heading towards another kid who he is about to pick a fight with. He charges the other kid and they immediately begin fighting in broad daylight in a busy public area. Other students can be heard in the background cheering the fight on. The fight happened on the right side of Kmart’s main entrance near the area where the buses drop off and pick up customers and tourists. In fact tourists can be seen in the background waiting for their bus. Cars can be seen driving by in the parking lot.
The kids keep fighting until one kid is knocked down with a knee. The other kid pounces and throws three more punches to his downed opponent and the kid who started the fight now has a hard time getting up.

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