Violence at D.C. youth center

It was predicted by experts that DC & MD juvenile and residential would lose control of their youth and the residential facilities would become increasingly and exponentially unsafe for staff and youth. While this outcome was predicted, we are truly sorry to hear that staff and youth are being injured and killed as a result.

Violence at D.C. youth center

New Beginnings Youth Center in Laurel. (Kevin Clark/Post)

D.C. police officers responded to a disturbance Sunday evening at the city’s juvenile detention center in Laurel, according to a report by WUSA 9.

Detainees at the New Beginnings Youth Center allegedly refused to enter their bedrooms about 7:20 p.m., a confrontation that escalated into a “riot situation,” Tasha Williams, a spokeswoman for the facility’s police union, told the news station.

A shift supervisor’s jaw was broken during the clash, sources told the news station.

Police who responded to the incident, including Police Chief Cathy Lanier, found young people on the roof and wandering through the hall, the station reported. No one escaped.

The $46 million New Beginnings facility opened with fanfare last spring in place of Oak Hill Youth Center, which was notorious for poor living conditions and violence. The new center has been troubled by overcrowding and security lapses that allowed two escapes last year.

— Mike McPhate.  Washington Post.

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