NY. NYC Needs an ARMY to stem tide of young guns.

14 shootings in June in Queens South precincts as violent youth groups grow.

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should focus on keeping kids hands off of guns rather than soft-drinks.  The safety Guilliani gave the city, Bloomberg taketh away.

Queens is plagued by dangerous street crews and it’s going to take an “army” to clamp down on them.

Gun-toting youngsters, who identify themselves by group names like “Gang of Apes (G.O.A)” and “Pop on Site,” are growing, police officials said.

The crews are estimated to include 5,000 members citywide.  “It takes a village? No. The village is dead. Why is the village dead?  Because the only ones allowed to be armed are the criminals (ask Holder).

It takes an army right now,” O’Connor told a youth seminar at York College on Wednesday. “This is affecting every kid out there.”

In Patrol Borough Queens South, which includes eight precincts in Queens, there have been 14 shootings this month as of June 26, according to Sgt. Luis Orsini of the Juvenile Justice Division Queens South.

In an ongoing feud between the 40 Boyz and the G.O.A. in the Beach 41st Street Houses, one crew member identified only as “Oscar,” has been shot twice in one month, Orsini said.

Many of these young guns shoot wildly and frequently.



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