Jamaica. Boys stabbed during fight at Marcus Garvey Technical

ST ANN’S BAY, St Ann — Two boys were injured yesterday when a fight broke out among students on the morning shift at the Marcus Garvey Technical High School in St Ann’s Bay.

One of the boys, who was stabbed in the abdomen, was admitted to the St Ann’s Bay Hospital in serious condition up until Observer press time last night. However, the condition of the other injured boy could not be ascertained.

Two other boys have been taken into custody over the stabbing and at least two others are being sought by the police for questioning.

Yesterday the St Ann police could not say what started the knife and machete-wielding melee, which severely disrupted classes and forced the police to maintain a presence on the school compound until the shift ended.

However, several teachers — who spoke on condition of anonymity — said daily outbreaks of violence were common at the school. The teachers said that the situation had become intolerable and want measures to be put in place to curb the problem.

“Every day another student get stab up, everyday we have some fight or something and it’s getting out of control, the school cannot continue like that, something has to be done,” an upset teacher told the Observer.

According to the teacher, much of the violence is caused by boys who are placed in the empowerment centre at the institution, which caters to slow learners.

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