Michigan. 4 Students Arrested After School Brawl

DETROIT — A neighborhood fight came to a boil Monday morning outside Detroit City High School, Detroit police said.

Four females, two adults and two minors were arrested outside the school on Rosa Parks Boulevard, just moments after school started.

Police took the women — who are all Detroit City High School students — from the school in handcuffs after a brawl involving 15 to 20 people erupted.

“They don’t let you in if we too late, so we were standing outside and girls pulled up, like five cars deep, and they jumped one of my friends,” said Detroit City High School student and witness.

Watch: Fight Breaks Out At Detroit High School

The two adult women arrested are accused of throwing a glass bottle and a brick during the fight.

They face charges of felonious assault and the two minors face charges of disorderly conduct.

Nobody was seriously injured during the fight.

Police said the fight was sparked by a neighborhood dispute and the people involved were not just students.

“It was some girls, people, everybody, even aunties and moms,” said the witness.

Police confirmed that the four arrested were students and the people in the vehicles were from the neighborhood.

An investigation into what sparked the dispute has been launched.


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