Missouri. Mace Used to Break Up School Fight

RIVERVIEW GARDENS, MO (KTVI-FOX2now.com) – An off duty cop working security at Riverview Gardens Senior High School sprays mace after a group of students becomes unruly. Now, there are questions about whether the officer did the right thing.

This all happened Monday as students were returning from lunch. A letter went home with all of the students Tuesday explaining the situation.

As multiple investigations unfold, a police chief is defending his officer and the school district is trying to reassure parents that the campus is safe.

Cynthia Stewart is upset about what happened. She says her daughter had to go to the hospital after she inhaled mace.

The mace was sprayed by an off duty Berkeley officer trying to disperse a disruptive crowd of students.

Cynthia is upset that the officer used the mace.

School district officials say just after lunch, at least three off duty police officers working security at the school responded to an argument inside one of the buildings.

In that letter sent home, it says the argument drew a large number of students. The kids apparently thought a fight was imminent. Once the officers arrived, we’re told more kids showed up. That’s when the head of safety and security says things got dicey.

He says the officers felt threatened by the large crowd, and that’s why one used the mace.


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