North Carolina. Principal Allegedly Assaulted by Fifth Grader

BRIDGETON, N.C. – Violent acts on school campuses– we’ve heard of it happening all across the country… And now it’s happening right here in the east. In Craven County a principal is recovering at home after reportedly being assaulted by an elementary school student.

The school day was coming to an end at Bridgeton Elementary School on Monday when officials say it happened… a fifth grader allegedly attacked the school’s principal. No one is saying what lead the Bridgeton elementary school fifth grader to reportedly assault Principal Melisa Thompson.

Thompson had previously worked as an assistant principal at the school. This year she started her first year as principal.  It seemed the year was off to as good start at the Craven County school until a call came in to the sheriff’s department at 3:22 pm Monday. Officials from the sheriff’s department say they responded to the call at the school but because the incident involved a fifth grader, they ultimately only assisted the Department of Juvenile Justice and delinquency prevention.

Following the incident, that department took the child straight to juvenile services where she was held in a detention center for minors. Meanwhile the principal Melisa Thompson is still recovering. Officials at the Craven County board of education wouldn’t say if the girl had been expelled following guidelines in the school’s handbook.

Officials with the Department of Juvenile Justice Program in Raleigh tell us the girl had what he believed to be a first appearance in family court on Thursday. Undoubtedly there will be many questions because the alleged aggressor in this incident is a minor there are just some things we will never know. The Department of Juvenile Justice tells us those laws are designed to protect our children.


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  1. Clay Boggess says:

    This just proves that we need better consequences for misbehavior in the schools to help prevent things like this from happening in the first place. Of course not all things can be prevented because you are also dealing with parents who unfortunately aren’t parenting.

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