UTAH School Censoring Off Campus Fights and Speech

Police and school district administrators are getting involved after finding a YouTube video of two West Jordan Middle School girls violently fighting each other.

The video shows two West Jordan Middle School teens punching and pulling each other’s hair in a driveway. All of this is done while a handful of bystanders are egging the fighters on.

One witness of the YouTube fight, whose name was withheld for her protection, tells FOX 13 that these kind of fights are often held on a weekly basis, on or off campus.

“It’s not necessarily a competition, it’s just to see who has the most fights — who’s the toughest,” the 14-year-old witness says. “It gets pretty serious, usually before someone ends up getting really hurt they end up stopping it, even the teenagers. But sometimes it gets to the extreme where they don’t stop until someone’s unconscious.”

The 14-year-old’s mother says she is so concerned about the growing number of girl fights, she is almost afraid to send her teen to school.

“It’s dangerous, there are too many fights and the fight is just for nothing,” the student’s mother says.

Two days after the fight video was posted (Dec. 17) Jordan School District found the video and brought the two students in for questioning.

Jordan School District says they do not tolerate any fighting like what was seen on the video, on or off campus.

Question. What jurisdiction does the school have to monitor off campus fights?  Seems like this is law enforcement (and parents)

Dunham says anyone caught in fights like this, on or off campus, could face expulsion — including the fight spectators.“We do have policies in place even for children that are spectators in fights and try to record them, they can be suspended for doing so,” said Dunham.


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