Virginia: Bus Driver Injured Breaking Up Fight

Students aren’t the only victims of violence.  While four out of five violent incidents are against students the other 20% is against staff and teachers.  Many of the “advocates” fighting so hard for the rights of some forget that everyone has equal rights.  Here a bus driver puts herself in harms way to stop a fight between two high school students and was injured.  No one remembers or reports these stories.

A Henrico County bus driver was injured Monday trying to break up a fight between students.

The Highland Springs High School students were exiting their bus at the corner of Morton Drive and Aiko Court Monday afternoon. Police said three students jumped off of the bus and began fighting.

“Our bus driver saw this and she also got off the bus to try and break it up,” said Henrico Schools spokesperson Mychael Dickerson. “Sometime during that altercation, she was injured.”

The bus driver was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Henrico Schools and Henrico Police are launching separate investigations into the incident.

“Any fight, on the school bus or at a bus stop is still school jurisdiction, so there will be some disciplinary action for those involved,”said Dickerson.

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