New Jersey. HS Disturbances has the school & parents talking

Ferris High School freshman Sharaya Jeter was having lunch in the school’s library Oct. 19 when she heard “screaming” in the hallway, prompting her to put down her lunch and see what the commotion was all about. According to Jeter, students were fighting in the lobby.

The large food fight in the cafeteria that caused injuries and drew police into the fray, leading to a lockdown and two students arrested and six suspended.
Ferris’ Oct. 19 food fight is not an isolated incident, but the first in a string of related incidents in downtown Jersey City high schools, with a large fight at Dickinson High School the next day that led to students being arrested on charges of rioting and disorderly conduct, and another food fight at Ferris High School.

Police were called in to break up the fighting, arresting two, while other students continued to exchange blows with police in their midst.

Two security guards were injured, but not seriously. Christen said the arrested students are back at school and the six suspended students are still suspended pending further action by the district.


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