New York. 4 Teens Arrested for Anti-Gay Bullying

Four teenagers were arrested this week for an anti-gay bullying attack in suburban New York. The teens reportedly beat and slapped a younger student during bus rides to and from school because they assumed he was gay.

Eighteen-year-old David Spencer and 16-year-old Roy Wilson were arraigned Thursday and Chase Morrison, another 16-year-old suspect, was arraigned Friday. Another juvenile has been charged but his name has not been released to the press. All four of the boys face similar but different charges.

Morrison and Spencer (and the unnamed boy) are charged with felony assault and aggravated harassment, with the harassment charge due to their use of anti-gay speech during the attack on the 14-year-old victim. Wilson was charged only with assault.

According to police, the perpetrators attacked the student on a bus Tuesday and, “stomped and kicked on his arms, legs, stomach and thigh.” On Wednesday, they made hateful remarks to the victim and slapped him on the head and face. Although this was the first instance of physical violence, the abuse had reportedly been going on for a long time.

The victim reported the abuse on Wednesday and school officials arrested the bullies.

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