Oklahoma: 5th Grader Facing Trial For Punching A Bully

At what age does a schoolyard scuffle shift to criminal assault and battery?

A case in Edmond, Oklahoma presents an interesting question after a fight among two 10 year-old boys has led to a charge of assault and battery. The two boys were practicing football and had an altercation.

Eyewitnesses say that after practice was over, one of the boys punched the other, unprovoked, KFOR Oklahoma reports. The alleged puncher, who is facing misdemeanor charges, says he was standing up for himself after being bullied earlier by the other boy. The defendant’s father admits he told his son to punch the other boy because he was being bullied. “When you finally get a good kid who wants to stand up to a bully, they want to put him in jail. It’s crazy,” Vincent said.

The defendant has an attorney and has requested a jury trial, which will likely occur in November.

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